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The Aids and IT Centre

TyfloCentrum Brno, o.p.s.
Chaloupkova 7
612 00 BRNO
Czech Republic

Head of Centre: Mr. Martin Vrana
E-mail: info@tyflocentrumbrno.cz

Our technical evaluation facility for the disabled provides the following services:

Individual suitability testing and choice optimisation of PC based aids for facilitation of textual information access and processing for severely visually-impaired people , who apply for government funding to purchase their equipment. The Centre also issues Notices of Compliance for Social care departments of relevant authorities;

User adaptive equipment training is provided if deemed indispensable for the applicant. The need is individually assessed for each applicant.

Organizing regional workshops where employees of Social Care departments of relevant district or municipal authorities can get acquainted with new aids, or new manufcturers/distributors of aids entering the market;

Individual consultations provided to aids users and to all people interested in the topic, mostly to those, who are involved in aids funding.

The above mentioned services include the following activities:

These activities help us to:


Preparatory courses - the aim of these courses is to prepare the client for the elementary course; the preparatory course includes typing skills, analysis of acoustic information from the voice output, honing tactual skills for using braille display; these courses are provided free of charge.

Elementary courses - the aim is to teach the client the basics of working with a PC aid which the client intends to buy or has just bought (using the reading functions of the device, text processing - writing, editing, correcting, printing, saving, storing, working with data management software). With regard to its demanding and specific nature, the elementary course is conducted individually (one client with one instructor). Since this is a basic course for aids users, the client may obtain a government subsidy to attend it.

Advanced courses - for PC aids users who want to further develop their skills in using the aid; Internet, text editing and programming courses are some of the most popular ones.

Follow-up courses - for clients who finished the elementary course and feel they should further practise some of the basic functions of their PC aids, or just feel uncertain about operating an advanced aid. These courses can also help clients who, for various reasons, haven't been able to use their equipment for longer time, and now are starting to use it again.

Consultations - technical support for PC aids users, or for applicants who want to carefully consider their choice of a PC aid, and get acquainted with different functions of individual programmes.

Further activities:

For people with severe visual impairment - scanning and printing services:

The Internet

We also run an Internet club for the visually impaired in Brno where our clients are invited to come on Thursday afternoons.

Activities for people with other disabilities:

The Internet

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